Blue Bag Recycling accepts the following : 

* Mixed Paper




*Aluminum Cans

We will supply each community with free boxes to collect dry, canned and boxed food, to be donated to local food banks. This is great for your move outs, once they give their 30-60 day notice to vacate, hand them a box! This is a fantastic way to help out those in need along with reducing waste! Oh! By the way, we can offer a box for your office food collections.  

greenest - coming soom 

​This program comes with a custom wrapped stainless can small enough for any community

Accepted by this program: 





This program is the greenest of them all! Combined with Blue Bag Recycling & the Greener program you will have the most efficient recycling program around! 

Accepted by this program: 



Trashbusters is stepping up our recycling game! We now offer an elite recycling program. The level of green your community offers is totally up to you. 

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Greener - with can

free food collection 

Green - Blue Bag Reycling 

trashbusters greenest recycling 


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