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Trashbusters Disposal & Recycling was founded on January 21, 1997 by Mark Fief to service the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, San Antonio & Houston areas with the best valet trash service and the most resident- accessible Blue Bag Recycling program anywhere! 

Over the years Trashbusters has grown in DFW with personal relationships and reliable service you want. We're not the biggest, but we are the best 'round these parts. 

Our award winning Blue Bag Recycling Program is a must for a green community. 

Check out our website and give us a call or e-mail! 

- Neighborhood Style Program 

- Doorstep, Curbside or Drop-off

- Free Blue Bags 

- Educational Support 

Approved Vendor & willing to work with any billing system. 

Compliance Depot, RMIS, OPS, etc. 

TRASHBUSTERS disposal & recycling 

members of :

- Morning or Night service, 2-7 times per week 

- Doorstep, Curbside, Chute Service, bulk collection

- Free services offered with specific packages  

- Quality products & services are all we offer! 

Recycling - Blue Bag Recycling